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Live Webcast & Video on Demand

Blue Mountain Weddings & 20 South Productions Present

Real-Time Wedding Ceremony Web Streaming
Video on Demand!

My best friend in Seattle can’t make my wedding and neither can my aunt from England!

Now they can!  In fact, almost everyone you invite can join your wedding celebration. With Live Web Streaming from 20 South & Blue Mountain Weddings, up to 100 additional guests -anywhere in the world-need only a computer and high-speed internet connection in order to share your vows, the ceremony and your joy.  With crisp, clean video and crystal clear audio, they’ll feel like they are standing next to you at the altar –while it happens!

View actual samples!

Full length wedding streaming from our video server

Church Wedding #1

Outdoor Wedding

Church Wedding #2

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We do it all….
20 South & Blue Mountain Weddings make it happen. Using the best and most reliable equipment, software and servers, our knowledgeable and courteous team provides the superb service that ensures a premium experience for your guests, both online and on-site.  In short, you’ll be worry-free.

We supply a professional videographer with a broadcast quality video camera (NOT just a camcorder or web cam!) and the computer encoder for connecting to the Internet.  Our high quality cameras permit us to remain in the background, out of your way.   We will discreetly amplify you, your celebrant and your readers, so that everyone at the ceremony and on the web can hear every word.  You will hardly notice our team, but you’ll enjoy knowing that everyone you want at your wedding can be with you!  Our email invitation template provides a one-click web link, plus instructions on how to use and optimize your viewers’ experience.

20 South & Blue Mountain Weddings use specialized streaming servers, custom configured to handle high quality multimedia files.  In fact, we use hundreds of them -geographically distributed around the world- so that your guests will have priority access to the nearest streaming server delivering your wedding broadcast.

For Web Streaming we’ll provide:

  • Advance site visit from our tech department to insure reliability
  • Dedicated server /broadcast space and reserved time for your ceremony
  • An invitation template with all necessary information and links for emailing to your guests- you retain the privacy of your own guest list
  • Access to our broadcast for up to 100 viewers
  • One broadcast quality camera (Sony DSR 250) with experienced operator
  • Mobile computer encoder to capture and send video to the internet
  • Amplification of bride, groom, celebrant & readers -with wireless microphones- ensures top quality sound at the ceremony and on the web
  • High-resolution images broadcast to the web provide excellent quality for receiving pc’s
  • Up to 2 hours of live broadcasting, starting prior to your ceremony and going through group photo session & internet greetings
  • Plus- your stored video available on demand for up to 2 weeks for you and your guests

VIDEO ON DEMAND – From Anywhere in hours!

Getting married where there is no Internet access? Video on Demand answers the needs of guests who are unable to be with you on your joyous day! Just like live web streaming, professional staff will bring our broadcast quality equipment and film the ceremony, then take it to our office and upload to our specialized server network.  Your ceremony can be available on the Internet in as little as 6 hours. If your ceremony is in the afternoon, friends and family can gather to watch that evening!  Like Live, it is also can be viewed simultaneously by up to 100 viewers and is archived for 2 weeks.

For Video on Demand:

  • Even when circumstances do not permit a full-quality, real-time broadcast, you may still share the sights and sounds of your wedding as your guests enjoyed it- in some cases as early as 6 hours from taping!
  • All the same care and broadcast-quality technology are used to capture and upload your ceremony to our server.  It will be available for you, your friends and family to experience within 24 hours (by the next day).

What your guests need:

  • Our broadcast-quality real-time & streamed video requires DSL (or faster) internet service.
  • Windows Media Player version 6 or later (almost all windows pc’s under 8 years old –and many Mac computers with OSX- already have it!).
  • Some computers may experience difficulty, beyond our control, with web streaming. We’ll provide guidelines and tips for your guests to get the most from our service, but cannot guarantee everyone will be able to view.
  • FAQ, optimization and troubleshooting info page

Why Web Stream?

  • Some of your best friends and relatives can’t make the wedding date or it’s just too expensive? Web streaming let’s them be there!
  • You can do live greets after the ceremony to all that can’t attend
  • You can see your own wedding after you are married
  • Our sound production enhances your ceremony for guests at the service as well as web-stream viewers.
You also get a great price on the package with a fully-edited DVD

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Chris Munson
20 South Productions