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Zydeco Crayz 


Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler!
Let the good times roll, as they say down in Louisiana.  Yeah, you right!  Whether you are planning a wedding, corporate event, festival, or special party, zydeco will please a wide range of musical tastes.  With its lively rhythms and danceable tunes, zydeco appeals to everyone!  Our music includes everything from beautiful waltzes, Louisiana swamp pop and swing, New Orleans second line, and Creole blues, to hard-rockin’ zydeco.  The accordion and frottoir (rubboard) are really what give zydeco that unique sound and driving beat.

What is Zydeco?
Zydeco is a lively style of music and dance from the southwest prairies and swamps of Louisiana. It’s a gumbo of Cajun, Afro-Caribbean, blues, rhythm & blues, and soul.  Zydeco features the accordion, rubboard, guitar, bass, and drums.

It’s the music of the Creole people,  not the Cajuns, and it first appeared in the 1950’s. The
word “zydeco” comes from a Creole expression in French, “Les haricots sont pas sales.” (The snap beans aren’t salty.), meaning times were too tough to buy salt pork to season the beans. The words “les haricots” sound like “zydeco”.  In the mid-1950’s, Clifton Chenier was the undisputed “King of Zydeco” and his song “Les Haricots Sont Pas Sales” became a national hit. Thereafter, the music was known as zydeco.

Here's a sampling......

Baby Please Don't Go! ~ Barres De La Prison ~ Blue Runner Blues ~ Conroy's Bernadette

Danse De Mardi Gras ~ Keep Your Dress Tail Down ~ Loup Garou ~ Lucille ~ Madeline

Midland Two Step ~ Morning Train ~ Oh 'Tit Johnny ~ Shake Whatcha Got

Sweet Bernadette ~ Ton Mama ~ Zydeco Stomp

The Cats In The Band
Trent Van Blaricom, the band leader, has traveled to Louisiana over the years to study with the old Creole and zydeco music masters such as Canray Fontenot, Delton Broussard, BooZoo Chavis, Willis Prudhomme, Keith Frank and Bois Sec Ardoin, and has performed on stage with them at concerts and fais-do-dos. Trent plays single and triple row accordion, fiddle, harmonica, and is the lead singer.

Trent and his wife, Sandy Van Blaricom, have produced a CD of traditional Cajun music called “En Route Chez Moi” (On The Way Home), featuring twin fiddle and accordion tunes from early Cajun music. They both play in Savoir Faire Cajun Band and The Canecutters.  Sandy has also studied with some of the best zydeco and Cajun musicians, and has performed with Willis Prudhomme and Tracy Schwarz.  She plays frottoir, fiddle, and is a vocalist with the band.

Andy Rutherford is one of Washington’s most respected electric guitarists, and is a vocalist with the band. He has played with Diana & The Moondogs, Dave Kitchen & The Demolition, The Hard Core Troubadours, The Coolerators, Little Pink, Sookey Jump, and J.P.  McDermott.

Kurt Kratch, on electric bass, toured Europe and Scandinavia with Tom Principato and played on the 1996 CD, “Really Blue”. Other bands he has performed with include Cravin’ Dogs. (He appears on their CD “Roots Rock Paper Scissors”.), Benzona, Dirty Campaign, Janine Wilson, Big Scotty Price & His Cowboy Orchestra, Shoot The Messenger (Dave Kitchen). Kurt also co-produced their 1998 CD “Low Falutin”. He has performed with zydeco accordionists Dikki Du, Willis Prudhomme, Roy Carrier, and Keith Frank.

Kirk Reid, an outstanding drummer for many years, is one of the best zydeco drummers outside of Louisiana. He has performed with zydeco accordionist Willis Prudhomme. He has written and arranged songs for the likes of Dirty Campaign, Floyd The Barber, and Electric Larry. He brings his distinctive vocal style to Zydeco Crayz.

Highlight Performances
Zydeco Crayz has been a favorite of fans of Louisiana roots music for nearly a decade, performing for concerts, festivals, corporate events, Mardi Gras celebrations, crawfish boils, weddings, dances, and parties.  Here are some of them:

The Fourth of July Celebration at The United States Embassy in Kingston, Jamaica.

Opening act for The Neville Brothers at the PepsiCo Annual World Conference at The Homestead in Hot Springs, VA.

The Smithsonian’s 150th Birthday Party on The Mall in Washington, DC

Corporate events for Discovery Channel, Time/Warner, Mobil Corporation, Commerce One, Apnet, The Hirshhorn, The Corcoran

Opening act for BooZoo Chavis, Buckwheat Zydeco, The Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Nathan & the Zydeco Cha Chas, Roy Carrier, Willis Prudhomme, Keith Frank & The Soileau Zydeco Band, Steve Riley & The Mamou Playboys, The Nighthawks, Sleepy LaBeef.

Zydeco Crayz has performed annually for The Louisiana State Society’s King Cake Party (7 yrs.), The Tulane Alumni Association Crawfish Boil (5 yrs.), The National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration Fish Fry (5 yrs.), The Marlboro Hunt Club Crawfish Boil (5 yrs), The Ashlawn-Highland Wine Festival (5 yrs.), Lulu’s Mardi Gras Party (3 yrs.), Linganore Wineries (2 yrs.), The Smithsonian’s Museum of American History (2 yrs.)

Zydeco Crayz CDs
They All Call Us Crazy  (2002)
Shake Whatcha Got  (1994)




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