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The Hogwaller Ramblers 

The Hogwaller Ramblers are a Charlottesville institution, being outclassed only by Thomas Jefferson's memory...or perhaps a deviant or two and some wealthy landowners, but I repeat myself.
Composed of some of the finest musicians in the area and a guy that scratches doggerel because it itches, we pull in blues, jazz, bluegrass, country, rock ’n’ roll, classical and funk - infused with our own neuroses - and since the music business seems to have been co-opted by dark forces, these days we just gaze at our shoes while playing angst-ridden screeds devoid of purpose.
We play a mix of American music, tending to concentrate on music as opposed to equipment, "making it", who likes us or doesn't like us, and the host of ills that seem to plague musicians infected by that unnamed virus that tends to wreck good bands. Ozzy Osbourne said: "I cannot conceive of music that expresses absolutely nothing." (Bartok actually said it, but I wanted to see if you were paying attention) and some things never change. The music that expressed nothing forty, fifty, a hundred years ago hasn't changed one iota, except in form. Good music is always good music, and bad music is always… well….bad. This band hopes to be able to contribute a drop of good music to the roaring ocean that surrounds us.
Hogwaller has given rise to many freaks of nature. Its musical namesake is just one. This band began as a lark in 1991 and quickly became an albatross. We've traveled extensively through Albemarle County, Virginia. The Prism has hosted us a couple of times. Miller's, Escafe/Eastern Standard, The Buddhist Biker Bar and Grill and many funerals, wakes, Bar Mitzvahs, polo matches and sewage treatment plant openings have all been blessed by our presence. We like to stick close to home, but out of town gigs have included nights at the Mercury Lounge in NYC, some side stage work for a local band called DMB and once we played at Rick's friend's house in North Carolina. She was a great cook.
We played live on Michael Feldman's Whad'Ya Know? in late 1998.
We made a record in the fall of 1998, produced by John Alagia. Good man, that Alagia guy.
As far as we know, we're the only unsigned band to have played the main stage at Farm Aid. The stage manager, God love him, asked the band's name three times. When it came time to announce us, he said "Ladies and gentlemen, from Charlottesville, Va., Hogwaller!" As a group, we were grateful he got half of it right.
In October 2001, we appeared on the premiere of "The Music Seen", a Virginia produced show featuring Virginian bands.
Catch us live and have some fun, we always do!

~Listen to these songs~

A Lot About A Little

Liberty Dollar

Nelson County Blues


Come Back Around

Devil's Dance

New Dress

Sleeping With One Eye Open

Something Strange

There's A Girl


Chris Munson
20 South Productions