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DeLorean Time Machine 

Remember the 80s? Parachute pants, an actor for President, the best darn hairstyles, well maybe not the best hairstyles but the music was the greatest.  DeLorean Time Machine brings back those greatest hits from the greatest musical decade.
Made up of veteran musicians from all across the Atlantic Coast region, the DeLorean Time Machine is Central Virginia’s hottest new 80s tribute band.    From Billy Idol to Madonna to the Flock of Seagulls, you will get to hear all your favorite 80s hits.
The 80s, were just plain wild and fun, so jump in the Time Machine and relive those wild party days of the 80s! You’ll dance, you’ll sing and you’ll yell for more, more, more!

DeLorean Time Machine

              Johhny Castle - Lead Singer
After spending most of his teenage years teaching rich folk how to sing at summer camps, Johhny decided to try his hand at leading a super group. So he put together the hottest act this side of Bomont, Utah.  

              Stevie "Slider" Spicoli - Lead Guitar and Backing vocals
After graduating from Ridgemont High School, Slider took off across the country on a Vision Quest, luckily he ran into Johnny Castle at Doc Brown's Burger Shack while having a burger and a beer, the two became great friends and have been touring the country ever since. 

                 Puerto "Rico" Ricardo - Drums and Percussion
Rico started his music career in the boy band "LaBomba".  The band had a few years of success as an opening act on tours with the likes of Pauline Abdulla and Kit Kat Benatar.   After growing out of the teenage boy band image, Rico took his drum talents to the next level and has been a steady member of the DeLorean since its beginning. 

                 Sheri "Cherry" Valance - Lead and Background Vocals
The beautiful but sometimes crazy Sheri "Cherry" grew up in the cold weather northeast.  "Cherry" studies astronomy in her spare time and before joining the band she worked at a local pizza parlor in her hometown of Mystic, Connecticut.  She was accepted on partial scholarship to Yale University but singing is her lifelong passion.  

              "Davonna" - Lead and Background Vocals
"Davonna" was a working-class girl who used to live on the wrong side of the tracks with her unemployed father.  While working after school at the new-wave music store Traxx she saw an ad for "female singer needed".  She followed up with that ad and is now one of the hottest female singers in the hottest band this side of Bomont, Utah

                     William "Billy" Rosewood - Bass and Background Vocals
Billy moved with his brother and mother from Arizona to Santa Carla, CA right after high school.  It was there while they were living with his grandfather that he met his music teachers Edwin and Aden Frog.  They helped Billy become the hottest bass player in the US of A.

                        D Loco-Motion - Keyboards, Piano and Background Vocals  
Born in north Texas and raised in Southern Florida, D Loco has done it all.  His first hip-hop EP called "Hooked Up" sold thousands of copies and was a very successful debut album.  His record label TBR went bankrupt after signing too many artists and he has had trouble signing with another label for his second project.  He is hoping to return to the studio soon.   He has opened shows for MC Hamlett and has been the piano player for the likes of Whitney San Antonio, Bobby Bleu and now DeLorean Time Machine. 

Sample Song List

REBEL YELL - Billy Idol  
I RAN - Flock of Seagulls
ADDICTED TO LOVE - Robert Palmer
LET’S DANCE - David Bowie
SWEET DREAMS - Eurythmics
RIO - Duran Duran
SHOUT - Tears for Fears
HOLIDAY - Madonna
WORD UP - Cameo




Chris Munson
20 South Productions