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Wedding Ceremony Group Info 

Timing for ceremony groups
All ceremony musicians and ensembles have a one-hour minimum. Traditionally the ceremony is a 15 minute processional, 30-minute ceremony & a 15 minute recessional. Music is generally played during the prelude, the processional and the recessional,
Prelude - usually 10 to 15 pieces (20-30 minutes).
Processional  - customary to play 2 to 4 pieces; one piece during the sitting of grandmothers, one for the bridesmaids and ring bearer, and one for the entrance of the bride.
Ceremony – a piece can be played for the lighting of candles
Recessional and Postlude - usually 2 to 5 pieces; one for the exit of the new couple and 3 to 4 for family and friends while they are leaving the site

Additional time can be added for extended ceremonies or a cocktail hour.

Outdoor performances
Because musical instruments are expensive and delicate, the buyer must provide protection from rain, direct sunlight, excessive temperatures and high winds for the musicians and their property during the entire event. This is primarily for the protection of the instruments; temperatures between 68° and 95° with minimal winds are usually fine. They will make every effort to play in the venue selected; however, if any musician feels they or their instrument is endangered, the musician will move to a safe location until weather conditions improve.

Selecting the music for the wedding
You are encouraged to choose the music for your wedding. Music speaks sometimes more clearly than words. The music you select for your wedding ceremony can be religious, classical or contemporary.
For music selections, you should review the ensemble’s repertoire list, listen to the excerpts and make your selections. Do not worry about the length of the music selections as they can shorten or lengthen the music.
All of the groups are willing to help you make decisions about music selections and the order for the ceremony. The ensemble leader will be happy to discuss the music and any other logistics for the event.

Do ensembles attend wedding rehearsals?
No. That is not typically possible or necessary. Prior to the wedding, you and the group you chose will go over in detail every aspect of the ceremony. However, it is important that you have someone serving as a coordinator who can help with cueing as well as alert the group to any last minute changes when they arrive for the wedding. If you find absolutely necessary for one of the group to attend the wedding rehearsal, an extra fee will be applied.

Does setting up the string quartet is included in the price for one hour? And what does the one-hour price includes?
Setting up the quartet is included in the package and not part of the hour of service. In other words, there is no extra charge for setting up time. It takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes to set up the quartet (communicating with wedding organizer, arranging chairs and stands, sitting, tuning instruments, and getting ready).

For example:
If the wedding ceremony (Parents, grandparents, wedding party walk down the isle), starts at 6 pm, then...
-The quartet will be at the site of the wedding at 5:10pm
-Set up at 5:10pm
* -Begin playing at 5:30-5:40pm for the sitting of family and guests
-Wedding begins at 6:00pm
-The quartet may play during some of the parts of the ceremony (lighting of candles or any other parts).
-The quartet will also play for the recessional and during the time guest and family leave the wedding site.

In other words, the amount of money agreed in the contract will cover the time for setting up and specifically the time from the moment we begin playing (*) to the very end of the ceremony. If the wedding takes 10-15 minutes more than the specified time signed in the contract there usually will be no extra charge.


Program 1 - Traditional 

Brandenburg Concerto No.3 by Bach
Trumpet Voluntary by Purcell
Meditation From Thais by Massenet
Rondeau by Mourot
Passacaile by Handel
Air by Bach
Queen of Sheba by Handel Arioso by Bach
The Four Seasons (Spring and Winter) by Vivaldi

Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring by Bach
Canon in D by Pachelbel
The Bridal Chorus by Wagner
Ave Maria by Schubert

The Wedding March

La Réjouissance by Handel
Hornpipe by Handel

Program 2 - Religious

Claire de Lune by Debussy
Brandenburg Concerto No. 4 by Bach
Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring
Ode to Joy by Beethoven
Ave Maria by Bach
The Lord Prayer
Lacia Chio Pia (From Opera Rinaldo)
Sheep May Safely Grace by Handel

Winter (from the Four Seasons) by Vivaldi
Largo (Himn to a Tree) by Handel
Arioso by Bach

Spring (From The Four Seasons) by Vivaldi

Queen of Sheba

 Program 3 - Contemporary

Frank Sinatra
The Beattles

Cinema Paradiso

My Love by the Beatles

Sweet Child O'Mine by Guns n Roses





Chris Munson
20 South Productions